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Switzerland a country renowned for its magnificent natural beauty, snow-capped Alps peak, and tantalizing and tasty chocolate and boll wood movie shooting. All these features make a great attraction of this country named Switzerland.

This country is always remembered in the world over due to its exotic natural beauty. This is the main shooting destination for a film director. Nobody has forgotten the movie “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” They always wish to make their film a big hit by showing the natural beauty in his or her movie. Switzerland is famous for the costly and luxurious Swiss watch.

If you want to travel, the best way is by air route and nearest airport of this country is Bern airport. The airport is well connected with every country.

If you want to cover this country by bus then it is advisable to the entire viewers take a bus from Rome, Paris, and Florence to Interlaken.

There are places to visit in Switzerland which are world famous and peoples are the fan of these places.

Today I am very eager to highlight some of the attraction of this country.

  1. Mount Titles day tour from Zurich: Mount Titles is one of the top class tourist destinations for the tourist. This place is an attraction when you go to this place from Zurich. For the visit to this place, you have to book a tour operator which will take a full day for the sightseeing. This whole day tour will be very meaningful.

You will be given cable car facility to visit this mountain. From the cable car, you may see a panoramic view. During your journey to this mountain, you may also take a visit to a popular landmark lion monument, town hall and chapel bridge. From the rotating cable car, you will see a beautiful of Alps Mountain.

The cable car will Ascends you the height of approx. 10700 meter in the air. You may also watch a world famous suspension bridge. This is the highest bridge ever. In the month of December, you may also take a nice experience of snow falling, may take a joy of skiing and also snow tubing area. So the place to visit in Switzerland is attractive.

  1. Swiss Alps Day trip from Zurich: In this daily trip guided by the tourist guide, you may take a journey to UNESCO listed Jungfrauch Mountain which would be a great experience.


A guided trip is the easiest way to visit Switzerland must see mountaintop with a snow cap. You may enjoy the Bernese Oberland region. Because the area in this country is very cold so the guide will provide a vehicle which would be a climate controlled vehicle.

Because the guides are very professional and he will guide you everything that you want to know. You may see the glacier. The place is famous for shooting and photography so do not forget to keep a good camera. The tour operator during your trip will provide you lunch and dinner. Because the country atmosphere is cold so always keeps warm clothes. So the whole day trip would be a memorable trip and you would remember it a lifetime experience.

  1. Chamonix and Mont Blanc Trip from Geneva: The best places to visit in Switzerland are Mount blank trip. This is the highest peak in the Alps Mountain and this wonderful and customized the trip to this place is a great experience.

You may see this mountain from all the angles on a day trip from the place of Geneva. Geneva is a beautiful place in Switzerland. Here you have to travel to the central bus station in Geneva.

For this, you have to do your own arrangement. During your traveling in a climate controlled bus, you will view a wonderful journey of Chamonix. The Attractions of Switzerland are just awesome. You may enjoy in Chamonix village which is nice and attractive. Here you will view the culture of this village. The journey from Geneva to Chamonix is the picturesque view of this area. The mountain is covered with the alpine tree which is the characteristic view of this place.

In Chamonix, you may enjoy in a cable car and watch a panoramic spectacular view of the Chamonix valley and the French, Swiss Italian Mountain. An attraction of this place in Switzerland is just mind-blowing. The natural beauty cannot be defined in your word so you just see and fill the great experience.

  1. Valle Versace: This site is very spectacular with crystal clear water which is the attractions of Switzerland. This is a valley where the natural sight is unbelievable. In the river area, you may take a chance to swim in the clear water which is very nice in looking.

The place is just incredible and you will find great relaxation to your mind and body. So this is a magical valley and I will suggest to the visitors to go to this Attractions of Switzerland.

  1. Themed Dinner Cruise: In this cruise, you may take a 1.5 hours entertainment with a view of Lake Lucerne. During this travel, you may enjoy the Indian music and food on the cruise. You will also see the Swiss pick of Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus. Here you will be drifting in a beautiful Lake of Switzerland and taking vegetarian dishes and others along with your families.

The drifting in the lake in the evening will rejuvenate you from the core of the heart. You will take dinner which would be very fantastic. So attractions of Switzerland in the cruise would be memorable for you.

  1. Bernina Express: The beautiful train keeps great entertainment to you. It is a beautiful clean and tidy train a beautiful journey from Chur to turino Italy.

The train has a trained guide who is just like a friend and very helpful in nature. They provide light snacks, but it would not be sufficient for all the members so please prepare you for complete lunch.

So the attractions of Switzerland are too much and there are many places to visit in Switzerland.

The best time to visit this country is between Decembers to the month of May. During this duration, the season of this country will be better to visit all the important location.

So if you are planning to visit this country be ready with plenty of money and time to enjoy the beauty of this country.